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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 20, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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the freed hostages in mali so, again, 12 of those hostages now free were from america. we're coming up on the final close of trading here as we close out the week, up 65 points on the dow. liz claman is going to take you into the final hour of trading right now. liz: and, trish, we're now getting this. breaking news, they're going from 12 to, quote, dozens, dozens plural. this story is changing second by second. dozens of americans lucky to be alive right now. the state department has just released this, that the americans were freed from the terror in mali. of course, 27 others not so lucky, dead in the african nation including the five attackers who stormed the radisson blue hotel, that's in the capital city in the west african nation. the attack in northwest africa began overnight x it comes exactly, unbelievably, one week after the deadly terror attacks in france. in fact, take a look at this live picture. we are just 19 minutes away from the exact mark, and no moment of
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silence for the french. we are hearing they plan to memorialize the one-week anniversary in a unique way, by marking the occasion with an outpouring of noise and light. the french say noise and light, no silence. we take you live to paris where today the death toll has risen to 130 after another person died from wounds. and we have learned that two of the people killed that night in the paris concert hall worked for the fourth biggest advertising and pr firm in the world. in this hour the ceo shares his emotional story in a fox business exclusive on what he said to the children of his fallen colleagues. and is today ease attack in -- today's attack in mali a sign this is way bigger than isis? wall street seemingly unfazed by the global terror. stocks continue to jump, and the s&p is one hour away from closing out one of the best
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weeks in all of 2015. we have the vw scandal widening as we speak, and the stock of your favorite teenagers' clothing store is skyrocketing. we're less than an hour from the closing bell. let's start the countdown. ♪ ♪ liz: and, of course, we're getting more on the breaking news along with this as we look at the markets in this final hour of the week. two names on the tip of investors' tongues right now, volkswagen and abercrombie & fitch. just two hours ago, breaking news on volkswagen. the scandal has widened. the eps revealing this, that the software vw used to cheat emissions tests is on way more models than originally thought. vw now admitting models as far back as 2009 -- not 2012 -- were secretly rigged to beat epa tests. the volkswagen adr is dropping more, down more than 3%.
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this stock has been cut by 50% over just the past couple of months. and we have a stunning revelation from abercrombie & fitch on a different level. apparently, sex doesn't sell for retailer abercrombie & fitch. after ditching the half-naked models, the clothing has posted sales and profit that beat wall street expectations. look at this jump right now. anf, up 27%. meanwhile, the number to watch for the dow, we need to tell you, 17,823. any close above that would put the dow in positive territory for the year. we're not quite there just yet yet, we're at 17,802, up 69 points. so what's causing the jubilation? first, mario draghi hinting that more quantitative easing is on the way for europe, that means stimulus. the continent is facing its slowest recovery since 1998. he says he will, quote, do what we must to get those inflation numbers and pricing power back up. meanwhile, here at home fed vice
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chair stanley fisher said in san francisco that the fed has done, quote, everything it could to avoid a market surprise about a rate hike which many -- and this is why you see green on the screen right now -- many are taking to mean we will see a hike many december on interest rates, first one in nine years. we take you now to mali. a former al-qaeda affiliate has now claimed responsibility for today's deadly attack which the state department just said is now officially over. the group split with al-qaeda two years ago, it's demanding its fighters be freed from mali's prisons and for attacks to stop. its members carried out this attack. take a look on your screen at the exact be moment -- those are hostages being led out of the radisson hotel. up to 170 people were held hostage before the attack came to a bloody end. fox business senior washington correspondent peter barnes joins us now, and the breaking news is that dozens, apparently, of americans have survived this. that's great news, peter.
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>> that's right, liz. at least the hostages included at least a dozen americans, according to the state department, some of whom are employees at the u.s. mission in mali. the department suggested that its employees were assigned there temporarily and said they were using the hotel for lodging. the department had no other details on the other americans who were staying there, if they were working or more companies, for example. but we also know that u.s. special forces were involved in the operation to go after the gunmen. they were not the lead, the malian security forces were, but special forces were involved -- our special forces -- in getting the hostages out of harm's way, getting them out of the hotel. the state department says that the malian government tells us that the security, that their security forces, its security forces have completed their operations there as of earlier this afternoon. reuters reported that government forces and some of the gunmen were still fighting in the hotel
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in the stop, in the top floors, liz. no word on whether all the gunmen are dead, two reportedly were, or if any have been taken prisoner. liz: thank you cell very much, r barnes. as the hostage situation has officially ended, the possible connection to the paris attacks is raising major alarms. france is the standout military power in west africa fighting islamic terror groups, and mali's capital is a logistics hub for french and american forces. christopher hill is a four-time ambassador who served in the most dangerous outposts of american diplomacy, most recently as u.s. ambassador to iraq. you're also the author of the memoir, "outpost: a diplomatic work," here in a fox business exclusive. is it as simple as the fact that france has been with its military presence and, obviously, it had colonized the region up until 1960, but they've been there. is it as simple as that, or is this something we should look at as islamic militant rising up
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everywhere? >> well, this is a broad islamic mill dance, especially -- militants, these are extreme sunnis, isis who have kind of had their battles with al-qaeda and, clearly, they're on the ascendancy. so one issue about the french, of course, is the french have been a pretty tough partner in the war against isis in syria and iraq. so clearly, there's some retribution against the french. but with respect to mali, there's an element of spillover from the libyan issue. you remember that never really came to a happy ending. many of those islamists in libya moved south, and that was going on last year. this year, however, it seems to have started again. liz: is it a one upsmanship case here? we know this splinter group was part of al-qaeda or at least affiliated with al-qaeda. al-qaeda has lost the headlines to isis. it almost seems sickening that they're jockeying to get more
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attention, but should we be looking at it as segments of these factions? >> there's definitely an element of it, but this is an example of radical sunni islam x. the rest of the sunni states need to take a little more, a little more responsibility for this -- liz: where is -- >> jordan has done things, the saudis have not. and, you know, a lot of these movements were spawned by this extremism in the arab peninsula, and i think the saudis really need to step up and get more engaged in the battle against isis. liz: well, sure. jordan lost a pilot who was, it was horrific, burned alive by isis, and there were videos of this disgusting situation. but then jordan backed away. forget jordan for a minute. let's go to saudi arabia, and we ask this on the show all the time because they have the second largest military in the world. why are they not getting involved here? >> el, a lot of -- well, a lot of the ideology that has encouraged groups like isis and al-qaeda has actually come from the arab peninsula, from this
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extreme concept of sunni islam. so there's an organic relationship. but the saudis have traditionally said, look, just not in our neighborhood. go elsewhere, just leave us alone. well, that's clearly not enough. the saudis certainly were participant in the effort against isis, but now saudi arabia's clearly shifted themselves down to yemen where they're also worried about what's going on in yemen, especially shia-supported groups. a lot of issues going on. liz: with the situation in mali, some of the survivors were saying they were asked what their religion was is and, of course, some of the people who were muslim were being released. this is very reminiscent of what happened in 20 and in ken -- 2013 in kenya in the westgate mall where survivors were saying they were questioned by the militants, by the murderers saying, okay, name mohamed's mother. this really does come down to a hateful portion of this religion, does it not? that's how americans are seeing it. >> well, there's no question
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this is an extreme version. most muslims have nothing to do with this -- liz: but then where is that voice of most muslims? >> well, that is a fair question, and i think the saudis in particular where a lot of this stuff was spawned, they need to speak more clearly, and many other sunni arab states need to speak up. these sunnis are incited by other things, and the sunni states need to speak up. liz: ambassador christopher hill, former ambassador to iraq, thank you very much. >> thank you. liz: well, we've got the closing bell about 50 minutes away. we need to tell you this, "countdown" lit up social media yesterday during this, our exclusive interview with the ceo of a silicon valley start-up that the hacking group anonymous accuses of helping isis terrorists online. some of your comments about cloud flare are straight ahead. we are exactly ten minutes, ten minutes away from a live commemoration in paris of the one-week anniversary of the deadly terror attacks. the french expected to reject
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just a moment. we've got the markets moving higher, dow jones industrials had been up more than 100 points, you see up 74, but it's a nice move for the nasdaq, up 25. and how about the ipo of the year, square? jumped more than 40% yesterday, barely tempering its excitement today. let's get to nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> the major averages up roughly 3%. let's hit some of these retailers and get to square. nike announcing a two for one stock split, raising the dividend. that's up 5% today. foot locker leading the way as well, they've seen great profits there and really taking some market share from some of competitors such as finish line. then there's the gap, oh, the gap, not doing well with the gap or banana republic. old navy is the bright spot. however, the ceo has promised material improvement, and with that the stock is up 6.8%. quickly on the ipos, match and square, well, after great debuts
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yesterday, match hits a new high. that's up 1.3%, but square down slightly at the moment. again, big move yesterday, so it's all right. it's doing okay. liz: thank you very much, nicole. when we come back, we will take you live to paris. we are four and a half minutes away from the commemoration. you'll be there with them, stay tuned. it's more than a network and the cloud.
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liz: we have 40 minutes before the closing bell rings and just seconds before we see what is expected to be a commemoration of those killed just one week ago, exactly at this moment when the paris attacks began. the french are going to mark the occasion, we understand, in a unique way. parisians are not doing a moment of silence, they will hold what's being described as a noisy and light-filled memorial. a group of artists, cultural figures called on people to mark the occasion in a fashion to show the terrorists that they cannot win. we have ashley webster right there live now from paris, france. ashley? >> reporter: yeah, good
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evening to you, liz, and, in fact, it is right now 9:20, the moment that the attacks on paris began one week ago with the bombings in northern paris suburbs. let me get out of the way. this is one of the areas that has become a memorial, if you like, with people bringing flowers and candles to signify their memories of what has happened here in paris. there's been a large crowd here every day that we've been here, and tonight as you can see a large group of people holding hands in a circle around the memorial. and to your point, liz, artists and cultural figures in france have asked for this moment to be remembered with light, with loud noises, with music, they say light a candle just to show that the culture and freedom of france will never, ever be eradicated, as they put it. so here we are. we've been here, well, i would say for the last 48 hours. this is the large crowd we've seen. i should also point out that
3:22 pm
just literally a two-minute walk from here are restaurants and a café that were targeted by the terrorists and even now a very solemn reminder with the bullet holes till in the windows. this city still very much shaken by what has develop on and no doubt with attack on mali today, just reinforcing those fears of what could, perhaps b coming in the future. the french government has been trying to stop people from assembling in large crowds. there was a rally scheduled today at the oldest mosque in paris, it was canceled because of security concerns. but as you can see, a silent, if you like, somewhat somber recognition of the time, 9:20 p.m. local time when the attacks began. liz, it's been a day of interesting revelations. the fact that two of the suicide bombers we've been told did, in fact, come through greece. fingerprints prove they came
3:23 pm
through greece on october the 3rd as part of the refugee crowd that was coming through greece and making its way into europe. and that has e.u. ministers calling for stricter border controls. as you know, 26 nations, the citizens of 26 nations in the e.u. can travel freely without a passport. well, now there is a cause for border patrols to be brought back and people to have their passports scanned. in other words, no more free and easy travel in the wake of what we've seen in paris. back to you. liz: yeah, that's the end of that. we could hear the french national anthem being sung behind you. that is a line that is really coming to a lot of people, get the arms, get the fight starts, and it appears that is what will be perhaps coming next. ashley webster live from paris, thank you. one of the biggest stories on right now directly relates to the paris attacks. it is my exclusive interview
3:24 pm
with the ceo of cloud fare. the start-up is caught in the middle of a cyber war between isis and anonymous, that hacking group. and the hacking group is accusing cloud flare of letting pro-isis web sites use its service. cloud flare's technology actually on its best day protects sites from attempts to bring them down, and it's so effective not even anonymous can get past it to shut down what they perceive to be isis sites. i pressed the she owe, matthew prince, on whether he lets isis-affiliated sites use the service. >> we're a law-abiding corporation -- liz: well, can i ask you why would you need a court order to do the right thing? >> well, i think that we don't need a court order to do the right thing. the right thing in this case is to work with legitimate law enforcement organizations and do what they actually ask us to do. liz: well, the interview was hit thousands of times, and many of you were hardly silent about how you felt about it on twitter. we have one man saying, quote:
3:25 pm
they help isis when they can, do events in paris mean nothing to them? and henry said: sounds like intel agencies are keep questionable sites up for moderating and monitoring. your guest was not confident. just to be clear, matthew prince says they are not ever going to protect any isis site. keep connecting with us, we love to hear your opinions. we have almost 42,000 twitter followers now, we'd love for you to join in. @lizclaman is my twitter handle. like our facebook page,, and that interview can be found on closing bell, 35 minutes away. and the emotional side of this, two employees of the fourth biggest advertising and pr agency in the world died that day. both fathers of young children. a fox business exclusive with their boss, the ceo of the group on his anger, sadness and resolve.
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maurice levy and more countdown coming back. ♪ ♪
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melissa: well, the markets are holding on here but the closing bell just 30 minutes away, we do have the dow jones industrials up nearly 80 points at the moment. russell 2,000 up two-thirds of a percent so the small caps looking about as healthy as a percentage standpoint. look at tesla, pumping the breaks on 90,000 model s cars due to a single report of a front seatbelt not being connected properly. company taking no chances, even though it has had no other complaints. just one complaint. it's urging customers to bring in their vehicles to make sure their seatbelts are attached
3:31 pm
properly. tesla stock down a third of a percent. >> when confirmation came this week that the terrorists behind the attacks was, in fact, killed by police, it was small comfort to french giant, two of the global advertising employees were murdered last friday night when the terrorists blasted into the concert hall as the band played. the terrorists killed 89 innocent victims, the aftermath revealed a horrifying revelation. gone were the company senior copyrighter 46-year-old along with a creative director. one other employee is still in the hospital at this hour. here in a fox business exclusive, we're joined by publicity chairman and ceo maurice and, first of all, on behalf of fox business our sympathies for your company's losses and their families. >> thank you. melissa: when did you first realize, maurice as the terror
3:32 pm
attacks unfolded friday night that your company, your company family would be hit unduly hard by these attacks. >> it's only the morning or saturday when the news came on friday night. we had no idea who was wounded, killed, what was happening exactly. and it's on saturday morning that the news started with the uncertainty. we knew someone, we didn't know exactly for somebody else. so i gave only part of the story. and as i said to our people, life is stronger than terror, provided that we stay togethe. melissa: you know, as a company leader, this situation unfolds, you have to mobilize, you have to be strong, but as a human being, that is just horrible to find out that two of your employees have been murdered. >> it's something which is
3:33 pm
obviously hurting all of us but at the same time you have to take care of all the other people, make sure that they feel secure, they feel that we are caring, and we are taking care of them. so it's you need to be strong and if you have some personal feelings, you have to swallow and stand high. melissa: as the ceo, do you feel anger, resentment, do you feel like you want revenge on these people who did this? >> there is -- mixed feelings. part is you don't understand. you don't understand. why this is happening? why these people have been killed? what have they done to be killed? so there is this feeling of why? why? and why certainly there is
3:34 pm
this kid who has lost his father and this other kid who has lost his father. why? . melissa: president wants to extent the state of emergency, which of course would give the state broad powers to arrest people and some are very concerned about personal liberties. are you? >> we need to do that. it is indispensable. in fact, our governments -- and i'm putting an s because it's more than 20. 340 years ago have not acted very strongly because they are fearing to shock the society and that muslim communities could feel that they are under scrutiny or there is something which is against them. melissa: sure in this country we call it politically correct? >> exactly. we wear and we are politically correct but killing on the name of god is something which
3:35 pm
isn't acceptable. so going after them with more power and even if we lose a little bit of liberty, i think it's something that we can accept. melissa: as americans look at your loss and see these two fine young men cut down in the prime of their lives. what would you like to say to their families? and what would you like americans to understand about this? >> this is something which should never have happened and the thing which is the most important is to live and to think about the future. there are children, the children must look at the sky and see one of the stars and thinking that that star is my father. and they should follow that star thinking that it is the father and believe that life is stronger than fear, life is stronger than terror, and we should stay tall and high and
3:36 pm
look at this by saying they will not kill our democracy. melissa: our thanks to maurice, ceo of publicity group. you're looking at a live picture of paris as france mourns along with ceo maurice. france not the one mourning, after the weeks of terror attacks, is it spreading to africa? well, that's obvious but what about the muslims? where are the voices of muslims who stand up for democracy? and is there a negative feeling that is unfair toward muslims? or is it justified? we're taking it all up with the founder and president of american islamic form for democracy. next. he's coming up on countdown. we'll ask him the future belongs to the fast.
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. liz: breaking news. we just learned that not one but two of the terrorists from the attacks last week in paris emigrated through greece posing as syrian refugees. both were fingerprinted in greece on october 3rd. they went on to blow themselves up a week ago in france. trying to kill others as they did that. this here in america is concern turned to suspicion and in some cases has turned toward hatred toward muslim refugees because the saying and many of you have heard it, well, you know, not all muslims are terrorists, it has been looking like all terrorists are muslim. i'm joined now by dr. zudi, the president of the islamic form democracy. it's great to have you and a
3:42 pm
tough position you're in because you are a muslim for democracy but americans are having a really hard time finding more than just your voice out there. >> well, i know and, you know, the voices that really want reform are the ones that are decimated in syria and these countries which we have two enemies. there's an assad regime that trying to fight against and then the revolution trying to fill as the third passage to victory, the vietnam war, the cold war, we fought countries and governments they were enemies and yet we welcomed refugees and had a vetting process. the papers today are you a member of the communist party? we don't have that same type of vetting for islamists. my own family, do you think they're going to let people come from northern syria where isis is down to their neighborhoods? no, they're going to vet them for those who are with the free syrian army whereas those
3:43 pm
with isis. liz: but the problem comes now that people are smart enough, these terrorists are smart enough to act like they're refugees. they're probably carrying children, i'm guessing these kids in some cases aren't their own, you don't know that but they're smart. they figured it out. so as a muslim who abides by the rules of this country, how do you get more people to join your loan voice and make it a louder chorus so that americans can say there are good muslims because we keep hearing there are many good muslims and most muslims aren't bad and i know that and that you know but a lot of americans are only going by what they see and that is silence. >> and you're right. this conversation is so important because it will put the fire under the feet of the -- not just to be apologious or in denial, but, you know, we're going to stand up that we are against islamists that to declare that we're for the right of freedom
3:44 pm
and liberty and also realize, by the way, this is the power of asynchronous warfare it creates chaos to allow the free society implode so that the sunnis won't leave syria and will attack them back. liz: we've got here in new york city many muslim mosques. i have not heard a single muslim leader, unless i've missed it somehow really come out, go to time square, say this is an outrage what's been happening, show their face and stand u up to the evil of this so-called tiny faction. where are those people? are they too scared? and that's not a good enough reason, is it? >> no. that's unexcused and america is a haven of freedom and calm compared to what our families are living in syria and elsewhere so they need to step up. we're developing a coalition that will be speaking soon and a major conference to be announced that will let america see that it's not just
3:45 pm
me, there are many organizations that are united against not only isis but all islamic states. and this is the problem, they're conflicted, they hate the means but they're not ready to take on the ideology because they're apologious for the ideology, they just want to commit the act of terror, which americans are tired of hearing. they want to hear us solve the problem at its core which is the theology that it be needs reform and if they're not willing to do that, unfortunately, they're staying silent. liz: well, now you're stuck with a situation developing certainly on with some of the -- some of the candidates who are running for president. donald trump is -- has -- earning directly say, he responded everything should be on the table when somebody said should be -- should there be a registry, all muslims have to register, that is incomplete. it doesn't work at all with our u.s. constitution anyway. but what do you feel as a muslim who is a law-abiding muslim and, listen, we love you. you come on fox all the time. but got that, got dr. ben
3:46 pm
carson who is not far behind on this and they're getting traction. >> oh, i know and it's because this is what happens in a free society where there's no leadership and precision and accuracy when we're talking about identifying the enemy and identifying our allies. you have this word of confusion and especially presidential candidates to need be able to thread the needle between islamists that are our enemy and muslims who are our greatest allies. mosques which may be cauldrons of political islam and we are much more able to shed the light of day and whither away through the antilight than seeing them and pushing them underground and letting them flourish so we can no longer monitor. so, yes, monitor, expose, but let them be free just as we do with the kkk and nazi party because we can better hate by exposing it. and, by the way, if you want moderate muslims to step up, you do it by making them legal
3:47 pm
so that we can hold them accountable, you get our muslim community a pass on reform. liz: well, nobody wants to give anybody a pass and, in fact, i do fear the situation as it develops considering the news broke within the last two hours that not one but two of the suicide bombers in paris had sneaked their way -- they had come posing as syrian refugees. how do we know that that's not going to happen here? i understand the fear in this country. how do you feel president obama has been handling this situation? >> absence. he's been completely allowing a vacuum to exist. giving us lectures but not identifying a faith test when, in fact, muslims that are screaming for reform want the enemy to be called what they are, which is islamists so that antiislamists that don't believe in the identification of the islamic state, the reason a regular muslim lady will become a terrorist, she identifies with the wish to die for the islamic state. the muslims who are allies are the ones that want to die for
3:48 pm
france. for american freedom. for liberty that want to join our military then security forces. that's the conflict. and until our leadership our president and others can begin to identify those as the enemies and those who want to die for america as our friends, america's going to get more and more confused and more anger. liz: let us know when you have your forum where you say you're going to bring a bunch of moderate voices together. we'd like to cover that. thank you. >> we'll be there. liz: american islamic forum for democracy founder and president. thank you. closing bell. we're 12 minutes away and right now the dow is still holding onto lots of gains here, up 90 points at 17,822, i believe we're one point away from turning positive on the year on the dow. is that right, liz? we're that close? yeah, we're that close. 17,824. we'll see if we can hold that with just 11.5 minutes to go
3:49 pm
before the closing bell and is it and back time for hedge fund manager stevie cohen? the former scc capital head may be making moves to expand overseas. charlie breaks is here. next on countdown. dow is up 93 points
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liz: eight minutes until the closing bell rings and right now we've got a pretty strong market, dow up 19 points, and you might want to put down that burrito, though. chipotle hitting a new 52-week low today after reports from the c.d.c., the centers for disease control and prevention reported now more cases of e. coli. that's the infection related to the burrito chain from about two weeks ago. we had 45 people in six states infected now, 16 hospitalized, no deaths reported, we need to tell you that. but you remember that the stores in washington and oregon had been closed down and then reopened after the all clear was given. but right now it appears that that may be changing.
3:53 pm
billionaire investor steve cohen appears to be gearing up and getting back into the hedge fund game. this comes after cohen's previous fund was forced to plead guilty to insider trading back in 2013. band from doing that kind of work but now opened a new fund, it appears he's expanding, charlie's breaking it. >> we should point out that steve cohen can run his own massive net worth of something like $9 billion through something known as .72 s management following that insider trading plea and now managing his own money but here's what we do know. he's showing signs that he's going to go beyond that, he thinks he can beat back some of these regulatory charges that prevents him from managing money and he's right now going out and hiring big time from what we understand in asia, in london, particularly asia. very interesting. not just traders but human resources officials. people that generally you don't hire if you're looking to contract or you can't bring in outside money.
3:54 pm
when they -- when scc was at its height, it was $16 billion. after the scc capital former fund -- one of the biggest -- maybe the most profitable hedge fund ever; right? when that was forced to close, it went down to about 9 billion. and why is that? because it now manages only steve cohen's massive net worth. and when they went down in terms of assets under management, they also began firing people, closing offices. here's what we know, they are now hiring people. they are reopening offices like in london. they are now looking to hire people in and i wish telling this to recruiters. what are people saying? well, steve cohen think so he can get back into business and beat these regulatory charges. why does he have this confidence? pretty simple, the secretary court of appeals which basically reverse some of those insider trading made it harder to bring the cases, one of those guys named michael steinberg, figures promptly in
3:55 pm
steve cohen failure case. so michael steinberg's case -- it is away, he's been exonerated, more than half the charges much steve cohen goes away -- a lot of people including steve cohen is a good bettor he's back in business. liz: he's so good he never lost money. had unbelievable records year after year, which caught the attention. how could he do that. >> and this is ant anecdotal now, even after the convictions, he's still pretty good. so he went down from 16 to 9; right? 9 billion his own net worth. liz: jim going why can't i do that? >> it's over two years. two years it's back up to 12. so he made $2 billion in two years trading -- obviously without insider information. they were all over him. so i think this is pretty interesting. and i'll tell you. he used to charge what? >> he went to 3 and 30. when other guys were doing 2 and 20, he was doing 3 and 30 .
3:56 pm
liz: 3% and 30% of the profits. >> 50% of the profits. >> and three points. that's more than anybody else. i think people would give him money now again. >> even running a $9 billion fund of his own money requires tremendous infrastructure and whatnot but i will say to your point if the convictions are being overturned. >> right. >> the reason he had to step out, you certainly could expect -- liz: hold on a second. we need to go to memphis, tennessee and look at hillary clinton, she's breaking news here, we learned she will propose tax cuts for the middle class and apparently a tax hike on the higher income earners. but tax cuts for the middle class. of course everybody's talked about the wealth gap and that the middle class is doing poorly compared to the upper class. we're looking right at the moment hillary clinton speaking live in memphis, tennessee. >> she's going to give tax cuts to people who don't pay taxes. liz: the middle class pays taxes.
3:57 pm
>> they pay the regressive taxes that she won't be able to -- they pay let's face it, middle class people pay sales tax. liz: are you saying that republicans wouldn't give middle class people a tax cuts. >> let's be clear. they pay generally regressive taxes, sales taxes, taxes of those nature. she's proposing income taxes. >> appeal to the middle class and the wealth gap i think the republican would go across the board tax cuts and try to push it that way. liz: okay. well, if people find new money in their pockets, what are you investing it in? >> sure. i think what we're seeing in retail is a sign to me, i know we want to see more job growth but we are getting some, more wage growth, i still like airlines, i think the input is cheaper oil and the consumers feeling better wanting to fly, i am liking that and, again -- somewhat conservative right now. i think the backdrop is still positive for stocks but, please, take some money off the table.
3:58 pm
there's real headwinds. >> why would you pay a professional money manager now? >> why would i? >> the markets -- they've under performed the markets for years. you know who made this very point? veronica vain, the porn star who used to be an intern. liz: i'm so glad you're quoting that. >> she's smarter than 90% of our -- you don't have to pay somebody. the markets do better than the -- than these professional investors. liz: i apologize. well, let's just say this. right now it's been a great week. one of the best weeks for the s&p 500. >> there you go. liz: this entire year. the dow jumping 80 points. well, you're just saying what warren buffett would say. >> i'm parroting what veronica would say. liz: jim, thanks to you, thanks to charlie, that will do it for countdown to the closing bell. no hard feelings here, he said that the porn star would do better. david: charlie, i'm just wondering.
3:59 pm
should we get a porn star to replace you? >> but, you know, something when i was out in milwaukee covering the debates, some woman came up to me and that i was a male stripper. liz: okay. that's -- david: i knew we could push that further. thank you very much. liz: thanks, guys. liz: thank you so much for all of that. one week after the attacks, another terror attack, 67 dead, a dozen americans are among the rescued. we've got the latest details on who's behind today's plot. david: general will be here and another scare on flight, airport security in high alert, one of the founders of the tsa is here to tell us they've improved it all since their 95% failure rate in detecting weapons. >> and donald trump under fire for supporting the idea that all muslims in the u.s. should register on a database, now denying it.
4:00 pm
we've got the tape, we're going to play it for you. you can decide. david: but first the rally fizzling on wall street but what a week for stocks. as terror erupts all over the world but dow up over 80 points right now as closing bells ring on wall street. it might pop up above 90 now, all of the embassies are up. but look at oil, folks. it has recovered a bit. it was down into the 30s but it did turn around towards the end of the day. still negative but it was down into the 39.50 level. >> and here's everything you need to know right now opinion terror strikes right now, members of an african jihadi group in, stormed a city's capital, 120 people taken in hostage, at least 27 of them are now dead.


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